three unique neck ties

Unique Neck Ties – Get Fun and Vintage Inspired Ties

Here are some of the creative and unique neck ties that we offer. We hope you like the fun and vintage style we try to keep on our designs.

Train Ties

Love old trains, locomotives and steam engines? We’ve got a few unique ties for train lovers.

Unique neck tie featuring an old fashioned train engine on a dark gray background.

Train enthusiasts will enjoy this vintage neck tie featuring an old fashioned locomotive.

Old fashioned train steam engine in the snowy mountains neck tie.

Remember the great American west with this unique neck tie featuring an old fashioned steam train engine. Popular with train lovers.

Western Ties

Western themed and cowboy neck ties can add a bit of fun, casualness, or inspiration to your outfit.

Vintage Texas neck tie featuring The Alamo.

Remember the Alamo! Support American strength and independence, and Texan heroism, with this unique Alamo neck tie.

Neck tie with an old fashioned image of cowboy on a horse in front of big mountains.

Perfect for city cowboys, this western neck tie features an old fashioned image of a cowboy on a horse in front of the great mountains of Wyoming.

Unique Neck Ties for the Holidays

Just a few of our unique neck ties for the various seasonal holidays.

Unique Irish St. Patrick's Day neck tie with a traditional shamrock and old fashioned, hand written text.

This neck tie is a unique, old fashioned way to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.

Product photograph of off white neck tie featuring a black cat sitting in a pumpkin saying "Boo"!

Wear this funny Halloween neck tie to the office year for a bit of fun. Cute design is kid friendly.

Neck tie showing a peek of a vintage girl's hand waving an American flag and her patriotic skirt and shoes below, in front of the ocean. Red, white and blue colors.

This cute, patriotic 4th of July tie show a flirty peek of an old fashioned girl’s patriotic bathing costume while she waves the American flag. Be silly, fun and vintage with this Independence Day neck tie.

Patriotic neck tie with the American flag over the Statue of Liberty on an off white background.

This patriotic neck tie is great for old fashioned Americans. Celebrate America with this flag waving over the Statue of Liberty tie.

Want More? Like what you see?

These were just a few of our old fashioned and vintage inspired neck ties. If you want to add a little vintage flair to your office wardrobe, check out our complete collection of unique neck ties.