Angels Decorating the Christmas Tree

Vintage Christmas card from 1909 of two little Angels Decorating the Christmas Tree. With their wings flapping, they are busy painting ornaments on the tree.

Santa Claus and the Narrow Chimney

This early 1900’s Christmas postcard shows a resilient Santa Claus determined to make it down a narrow chimney with all the gifts for Christmas Eve. A few balloons will help!

Christmas Train with Flags

Everyone loves trains at Christmas time. In this vintage train postcard we see passengers dressed in Victorian clothing headed somewhere – to visit family and friends. It strikes the imagination with wonder – Where are they going? Whom will they visit? Will it snow? Will there be a grand Christmas tree and a party? Children […]

Victorian Santa Claus with Gifts

Images of Santa Claus from the 1930’s and beyond show a round, jolly Santa that we have all come to know. But many of the old Victorian Santa Claus cards depict a stern image of Santa in keeping with the discipline of the day. This beautiful postcard surprisingly shows a bright, colorful, Victorian Santa Claus […]

The Boy and the Turkey Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard

This vintage Thanksgiving postcard seems a bit harsh to us today, but in the early 1900s it would have represented a very normal aspect of American farm life. It would have been a farm boy’s hope at Thanksgiving that he would be given the opportunity to hunt for the most important feature of the annual […]

Retro Witch Flying Postcard

This old Halloween postcard shows the silhouette of a retro witch and black cat flying an old propeller airplane across a red moon in an orange sky. The little cat is very dapper with a bow tie as he gazes down at the ground while the witch is hurling them through the air in what […]

Vintage Halloween Girl Postcard

This vintage Halloween postcard image has a lovely girl in a red dress sitting on a pumpkin on Halloween night. A bat is flying by and a black cat is howling at her feet. But she is not disturbed and looks quite pretty in a vintage pin-up way. Notice the owl eyes in her hat! […]

Sons of Veterans Vintage Postcard

This vintage patriotic postcard shows the Sons of Veterans Emblem and the American Eagle surrounded by the American Flag from Civil War days with red, white, and blue emblazoned on it with roses in bright, vivid colors. The years 1861 and 1865 for the Civil War. This card is a wonderful statement of pride in […]

Home on the Train for Christmas

This is not an old postcard, but the picture is great of an old-fashioned steam locomotive train traveling through the White Pass to Skagway, British Columbia with a snow covered mountain in the background. Imagine taking this old-fashioned train home for Christmas along the snow covered mountains of White Pass, BC. Great for holiday cards […]

State Capitol in Albany, NY at Night Time Vintage Postcard

This vintage postcard, which is rather spooky looking, actually is a view of the New York State Capitol at night time in 1900. This building still stands today and is the capitol building of the State of New York in Albany, NY. The construction of the building, which began in 1867 was finally completed in […]