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Christmas Train with Flags

Christmas Train with Flags

Everyone loves trains at Christmas time. In this vintage train postcard we see passengers dressed in Victorian clothing headed somewhere – to visit family and friends. It strikes the imagination with wonder – Where are they going? Whom will they... View Full Postcard →

Victorian Santa With Gifts

Victorian Santa Claus with Gifts

Images of Santa Claus from the 1930′s and beyond show a round, jolly Santa that we have all come to know. But many of the old Victorian Santa Claus cards depict a stern image of Santa in keeping with the... View Full Postcard →

Home on the Train for Christmas Postcard

Home on the Train for Christmas

This is not an old postcard, but the picture is great of an old-fashioned steam locomotive train traveling through the White Pass to Skagway, British Columbia with a snow covered mountain in the background. Imagine taking this old-fashioned train home... View Full Postcard →

Getting The Christmas Tree Postcard

Getting the Christmas Tree Vintage Christmas Postcard

This very bright and colorful vintage Christmas postcard reminds me of my youth. The happy, cheerful children carrying the Christmas tree back to their home, after having cut it down in the forest, brings up one of my favorite memories... View Full Postcard →

A Savior is Born Christmas Postcard

Vintage Christmas Nativity Scene Postcard

This vintage Christmas postcard from 1910 shows the nativity scene at the time that the Three Wise Men arrive. The Blessed Mother Mary is tucking the covers around Baby Jesus while cattle watch from the manger, as if to put... View Full Postcard →

Victorian Santa Claus and Boy Vintage Postcard

Victorian Santa Claus and Boy Vintage Postcard

This old postcard shows a vintage Santa Claus from Victorian days with a small boy in front of the Christmas tree. Santa’s bag is packed with toys, so it must be Christmas Eve! The colors in this old postcard are... View Full Postcard →

Vintage Christmas Town Postcard

Vintage Christmas Town Decorations Postcard

This vintage Christmas postcard is a black and white sketch of a Victorian village with the only color being that of the street lamp and Christmas decorations. The sketch is well done with many details not only of the charming... View Full Postcard →

Old Fashioned Christmas Shopping Postcard

Old Fashioned Christmas Shopping Vintage Postcard

This beautiful old fashioned Christmas card shows a young, Victorian couple heading home from a day of Christmas shopping. Walking through the snow with packages and Christmas wreath in their arms, their little dog proceeds them to create a charming... View Full Postcard →

Snowy Church at Night Vintage Christmas Postcard

Snowy Church at Night Christmas Postcard

This vintage Christmas postcard shows a snow covered Church at night time. Lights stream out from within the Church and the snow covered tree seems lit by hundreds of white Christmas lights under the snow. We have added a golden,... View Full Postcard →

Santa's Sleigh Ride Vintage Postcard

Santa’s Sleigh Ride Postcard

This vintage Christmas postcard shows Santa Claus in his sleigh on a blustery Christmas Eve. With heavy snow coming down, Santa is smiling with jingle bells a ringing, forging ahead to deliver those presents before Christmas morn. This is a... View Full Postcard →