Doves and Hearts Valentine Postcard

Beautiful vintage Valentine’s Day postcard with three doves carrying a string of flowers around their necks and sprays of spring flowers in their mouths as they fly past two hearts pierced with cupid’s arrow. The card says “To My Valentine” and is lovely. The gold lettering and the details between the flowers are embossed and […]

Valentine’s Day Heart and Poem Vintage Postcard

This very colorful vintage Valentine’s Day postcard shows a big read heart with the words, “To My Valentine” and a poem in script: “I Send a Heart with Roses fair To shade if from all Troubles; And Love shall give it all His care When You have made it Double”

Funny Cupid with Arrow Valentine’s Day Vintage Postcard

Here we see a mischievous little cupid aiming his arrow at a heart on this vintage Valentine’s Day postcard.  The heart contains the words, “To My Valentine” while the postcard also says, “When you see my ammunition You’ll surrender your position” I wonder if it worked?

Little Girl with Flowers Ellen Clapsaddle Valentine’s Day Postcard

This vintage Valetine’s Day postcard shows a little girl with a bouquet of spring flowers under the words “To My Valentine.” An unsigned Ellen Clapsaddle postcard, the card also contains the poem: Be assured, ’tis you or none That I Love, and Love alone.

Victorian Woman in Heart with Flowers Valentine’s Day Postcard

This beautiful vintage Valentine’s Day postcard shows a Victorian woman wearing a sun bonnet and bustle behind her skirt working in her garden of colorful flowers. In the upper right corner is a red heart with “To My Valentine.” The garden, woman, and home in background are surrounded by a heart shaped border, making this […]

Victorian Woman with Cupid Valentine’s Day Postcard

This funny Victorian Valentine’s Day postcard shows a not quite primly dressed Victorian woman sitting on a sofa with a little cupid trying to hand her a Valentine’s Day heart. The look on the woman’s face is most interesting, because she is at the same time looking pleased and skeptical.  Perhaps many women then and […]

Ellen Clapsaddle Cute Vintage Farm Boy Valentine Postcard

The original Valentine’s Day postcard, with Ellen Clapsaddle illustration, shows a little farm boy in overalls, boots, and a straw hat cutting a bunch of wild flowers for his sweetheart with his faithful pupy sitting at his feet. The message is “My Valentine Think of Me.” The card also contains a poem: “It may be […]

Cute Valentine’s Day Postcard with Victorian Children

The original Valentine’s Day postcard, circa 1910, has a divided back, was printed in Germany and contains a vintage Victorian message, “My Heart is small, but it is true, and I will offer it to you.”

Vintage Forget-Me-Not Valentine Postcard

Blue Forget-Me-Not flowers adorn this vintage Valentine’s Day postcard, which reads, To my Valentine. A vase, a bunch and a heart shaped wreath of forget-me-nots form a sort of border for the landscape painting in the center of this divided back vintage postcard.

Vintage Art Nouveau Valentine Postcard

This is a very early 1900s vintage Valentine’s Day postcard from the undivided back era (circa 1901 – 1907). The border is an Art Nouveau style scrollwork in blue with brown lines. The printed To my Valentine wording and the main flowers, which are slightly embossed and light pink and bright pink, are off center […]