Steel Pier in Atlantic City NJ

This vintage postcard shows the Steel Pier in Atlantic City, NJ in 1939. It is a 1000 ft. long pier in Atlantic City that offers a boardwalk with family amusement park for visitors. It has been in existence since 1898. In 1904 it was destroyed by storm and rebuilt. Besides being a fun place for […]

The Havoline Thermometer

The Havoline Thermometer was part of the 1933 International Exposition in Chicago, Illinois. As the Worlds Largest Thermometer, it was a very large advertisement Havoline Motor Oil. Twenty-one stories (218 ft.) high it showed the temperature by neon light tubes. The original postcards says, “Sponsored by Indian Refining Company, Lawrenceville, Ill. makers of WAXFREE HAVOLINE […]

Coney Island

This vintage postcard from 1903 shows Surf Avenue on Coney Island which is part of New York State. Coney Island is famous as a vacation recreation area for those living in and near New York City, NY. Originally it was a separate outer barrier island off Brooklyn, NY. But it has been connected to the […]