The Royal Hawaiian Hotel

This vintage postcard of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii shows it in its opening days in the early 1900s. Notice the mountains behind and the lack of sky scrapers that are seen behind the hotel today. This postcard shows the hotel with all that it offers in vacationing fun and relaxation. The Royal […]

Marblehead Neck Surf Vintage Massachusetts Postcard

This is a beautiful vintage postcard from 1906 (with undivided back) showing the surf at Marblehead Neck point in Marblehead, Massachusetts. You can see the spray of the surf rising from the rocky shoreline, with 1906 visitors down at the shore. A large home is on the point of land known as Marblehead Neck with […]

Buffalo Harbor Vintage Postcard

This vintage postcard shows the Buffalo, New York Harbor on Lake Erie in 1900. Buffalo has been a transportation and industrial center since the 1800s. Situated on the eastern end of Lake Erie, the city serves as an inland port to the rest of the state of New York. The Welland Ship Canal and St. […]

Long Beach Breakers Vintage Postcard

This 1910 card shows a painting of the breakers along the shore and a pier at Long Beach, California. Long Beach is one of the great shipping ports of California, full of ship yards and industry today, but look how beautiful it is at this point in time. The pier shown in this postcard later […]

Vintage Alaska Postcard of Wrangell Bay

Wrangell, Alaska is noted for its wonderful evenings and sunsets. This photo for this vintage postcard was taken at 10:15 PM, circa 1930’s. The original postcard is dated July, 1935 and was sold by the Bear Totem Store in Wrangell. Before Alaska was part of the United States, it was Russian territory. The Russians were […]