The Grand Tetons of Wyoming

This vintage postcard shows the majestic Grand Teton mountains in the background, towering above the verdant valley floor. We see a rustic log cabin amongst the trees with Western folk lounging oustside conversing with two cowboys on horseback. This is vintage Western Wyoming at its best! The Grand Tetons are a mountain range in Western […]

Virginia City Parade Vintage Postcard

This great black and white vintage postcard shows a parade down the main street of Virginia City, Nevada circa 1902 – 1907. It is a wonderful glimpse into life in those days in a Western town like Virginia City. At the heart of the gold and silver mining strikes around Virginia City, the town shows […]

Carson City Vintage Postcard

This vintage postcard captures the look of the countryside outside of Carson City, Nevada in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It shows a desert road or dirt road with white fence on one side and what looks like a ranch on the other side. This desert road runs off till you see the Carson […]

Shaw’s Hot Springs Vintage Postcard

This vintage postcard shows the entrance to Shaw’s Hot Springs on the north edge of Carson City, Nevada in 1900. This old postcard gives a great view of life near a Western town like Carson City in the early 1900s. We see a horse drawn wagon with covered fringe – probably an early version of […]

Chicago Illinois Vintage Postcard

The original postcard shows a view of Chicago, Illinois in 1833 from a painting which is signed “Widney” done in 1903. This may be Gustavus C. Widney an illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post during that time. Today most are familiar with Chicago as a bustling metropolis on the adjacent land to Lake Michigan. But […]

Sacramento Hall Of Records Vintage Postcard

This early postcard dated 1900 shows the Hall Of Records and the County Court House (formerly the state capitol building) of Sacramento, California as it looked in 1895. Sacramento History Online has this same postcard and a nice history of the buildings and the City of Sacramento written with it. This is a great view […]