West Virginia State Capitol

This vintage postcard shows the West Virginia State Capitol on the Kanawha River in Charleston, West Virginia. Originally, West Virginia was part of the state of Virginia. After the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln the area that is now West Virginia status as its own state in recognition of the loyalty to the Union of […]

Eight St. Holland Michigan

This vintage view of Eight St. in Holland, Michigan shows 1940s era cars and shops. Holland is a very visited tourist stop in Michigan located on the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa. As it’s name indicates, Holland is a glimpse into the European country of Holland and it’s people’s lifestyle, customs, dance, clothing, […]

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel

This vintage postcard of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii shows it in its opening days in the early 1900s. Notice the mountains behind and the lack of sky scrapers that are seen behind the hotel today. This postcard shows the hotel with all that it offers in vacationing fun and relaxation. The Royal […]

Steel Pier in Atlantic City NJ

This vintage postcard shows the Steel Pier in Atlantic City, NJ in 1939. It is a 1000 ft. long pier in Atlantic City that offers a boardwalk with family amusement park for visitors. It has been in existence since 1898. In 1904 it was destroyed by storm and rebuilt. Besides being a fun place for […]

The Havoline Thermometer

The Havoline Thermometer was part of the 1933 International Exposition in Chicago, Illinois. As the Worlds Largest Thermometer, it was a very large advertisement Havoline Motor Oil. Twenty-one stories (218 ft.) high it showed the temperature by neon light tubes. The original postcards says, “Sponsored by Indian Refining Company, Lawrenceville, Ill. makers of WAXFREE HAVOLINE […]

Coney Island

This vintage postcard from 1903 shows Surf Avenue on Coney Island which is part of New York State. Coney Island is famous as a vacation recreation area for those living in and near New York City, NY. Originally it was a separate outer barrier island off Brooklyn, NY. But it has been connected to the […]

Monument Circle in Indianapolis

Vintage postcard of Monument Circle in Indianapolis, Indiana which is the center or hub of the city. Streets and avenues radiate from this point as the nucleus of the city plan. The monument in the center is the Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Monument. It is 284 ft. 6 in. tall. The design is neoclassical by […]

The Grand Tetons of Wyoming

This vintage postcard shows the majestic Grand Teton mountains in the background, towering above the verdant valley floor. We see a rustic log cabin amongst the trees with Western folk lounging oustside conversing with two cowboys on horseback. This is vintage Western Wyoming at its best! The Grand Tetons are a mountain range in Western […]

Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park

The Old Faithful Inn, in Upper Geyser Basin, was so named because of its proximity to Old Faithful Geyser. From the veranda of this huge log structure there may be seen at close range the hourly eruptions of Old Faithful Geyser, as well as displays of many other nearby geysers. Old Faithful Inn and geyser […]

State Capitol of Alabama

Vintage travel card image of the State Capitol of Alabama in Montgomery, AL. Montgomery Alabama became the state capitol on January 28, 1846, when it moved from Tuscaloosa, AL. The prosperity of the cotton industry in the area at that time influenced the state political power and the move to Montgomery. The State of Alabama […]