Funny Arizona Desert Vintage Postcard

This very funny postcard from the 1930’s not only shows the beautiful mauves, purples, and orange colors of the desert, but also shows a tolerant donkey expressing his opinion of life in the desert carrying the mining supplies of his owner. The original card says: Q. Don’t your remember the desert, old pal The desert […]

Petrified Forest Arizona Vintage Postcard

This postcard, circa 1940, shows the Petrified Forest in Arizona, where are found vast deposits of petrified wood from the size of a marble to trees, more than two hundred feet in length. The forest comprises many thousands of acres all accessible from Holbrook, Arizona. Holbrook is located on the main line of the Santa […]

Painted Desert Arizona Vintage Postcard

The original postcard is dated 1949 and says: “Painted Desert. Here Nature wielded a reckless brush, painting the sands of the mountain sides to glorious hues. On Highway 66 (the historic Rte. 66), near Holbrook, Arizona.” The Painted Desert takes its name from the colors of grays, reds, oranges, yellows and pink visible for miles […]

Grand Canyon Vintage Postcard

This postcard shows a view of the sunset over the Grand Canyon. It is taken from the west rim of the drive near Mancopa Point, looking eastward over the Canyon just at the close of day, as recorded by this new color Kodachrome camera! (written in 1946) The glory of sunset at the Grand Canyon […]