Currier and Ives Lithograph - American Railroad Scene - Snow Bound

Currier and Ives Lithograph – American Railroad Scene – Snow Bound

This Currier and Ives lithograph called, American Railroad Scene – Snow Bound, shows passengers and crew trying to dig out a snowbound train in the 1800s.

As with many Currier & Ives lithographs, they conveyed in art, various aspects of American life of the 1800s. They particularly showed the dramatic side of national events as a journalistic venture of capturing history.

Of course the American steam engine presented many opportunities to convey drama in the printed picture. With steam locomotives hurtling down tracks, vivid fires from the engine car, smokestacks pouring forth smoke and throwing cinders, whistles screaming, and the drive wheels flying by, what could be more dramatic?

The train represented not only the transportation of America’s goods back and forth across a continent, but also travel to distant places, opportunities to see loved ones that had migrated to other states, and a vehicle of transportation for those with a dream of starting a new life or business in a far-off place.

Trains held drama and romance, so where a perfect subject for history as told by the printed image of which Currier & Ives became masters.

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