Vintage Christmas Nativity Scene Postcard

This vintage Christmas postcard from 1910 shows the nativity scene at the time that the Three Wise Men arrive.

The Blessed Mother Mary is tucking the covers around Baby Jesus while cattle watch from the manger, as if to put Him to sleep. Outside of the window to the manger, we can see that it is night time and in the distance, the Three Wise Men are walking along the road with the Star of Bethlehem shining down, directing their journey.

The original postcard says,

“For unto You is born this day in the City of David A Savior which is Christ the Lord

This old postcard shows the peaceful, hopeful Christmas scene that was beloved then and still is now.

Glad Voices

This lovely Victorian Christmas book is a reproduction of a little book made in the 1800s of Christian verses from songs written by E.S. Elliott ( Emily Steele Elliott ) for her church in England. She wrote many Christian songs that have become popular through the years.

This books contains verses that pertain to the time of Autumn, leading up to Christmas – the time known as Advent in many Christian churches. These verses are actually prayers to prepare your heart for the coming of Jesus.

If you are looking for a truly Christian Christmas book this year, please consider Glad Voices, published by ARose Books.