State Capitol in Albany, NY at Night Time Vintage Postcard

This vintage postcard, which is rather spooky looking, actually is a view of the New York State Capitol at night time in 1900. This building still stands today and is the capitol building of the State of New York in Albany, NY.

The construction of the building, which began in 1867 was finally completed in 1899 and was one of the most expensive government buildings of its day. It was added to the list of Historic Landmark buildings in 1979.

This building is somewhat of an architectural mix and includes the “Million Dollar Staircase,” a 166-foot long exterior staircase. The building is made of white granite from Maine and marble cut by prisoners in Sing Sing. It does not have a domed roof, as many state capitols do, which makes it more unique. Underground tunnels connect it to the Empire State Plaza and Alfred E. Smith Building in Albany.

The building still stands today and is quite impressive, holding the state legislator and the governor’s office.

I think this picture came out looking really spooky so I’ve also added it to the Halloween section. Can’t you just see a big Halloween party there?

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