The Boy and the Turkey Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard

This vintage Thanksgiving postcard seems a bit harsh to us today, but in the early 1900s it would have represented a very normal aspect of American farm life. It would have been a farm boy’s hope at Thanksgiving that he would be given the opportunity to hunt for the most important feature of the annual Thanksgiving dinner, the turkey.

Here we see the farm boy with his tool of destruction, his very heavy hatchet, who has espied his turkey and is gazing thoughtfully at it perched safely, high in a tree. He looks pretty confident, as if he has encountered this dilemma before – how to get the turkey out of the tree and caught – all in a days work for a hearty farm boy.

The saying on the postcard,

“I’m thankful most of all for you.”

represents the feeling of the times; that a boy like this would be quite proud to bring in the turkey for dinner and be grateful for the food it offered.

As always, we must view these vintage postcards from their era. Happy Thanksgiving to all as you shop for that perfect turkey in the market.