Vintage 1931 Postcard of the Pittsburgh Park called The Point

Pittsburgh Vintage Postcard – Point Park in 1931

This vintage postcard shows a view of the rivers of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1931 at what is today Point Park, where the Ohio River, the Allegheny River, and the Monongahela River all meet to form a triangle of land. In this picture, the park had not been built yet. Notice the steam ships and barges on the river. The red brick building is old Fort Duquesne.

In this old postcard, you can see The Point in Pittsburgh, the 1915 Manchester Bridge (left) and the 1927 Point Bridge (right).

This view also shows the lack of suburban sprawl in the background of downtown Pittsburgh with open, rolling hills that are now filled with suburbs.

Today, Point Park in downtown Pittsburgh is a State Park and a gathering place for holiday celebrations, family outings, and general Pittsburgh outdoor activities like art fairs. The Point now includes a large water fountain right at the tip of the triangle which is seen in different colors due to changing lights on it at night.