Pumpkins at Cards Vintage Halloween Postcard

These Halloween pumpkins are getting their courage up for the haunted Halloween night ahead by playing a hand of cards. Another signed Ellen Clapsaddle Halloween card, she not only shows the pumpkins intent at their card game, but explains their game in this poem: Hearts for Love, Diamonds for Riches. Spades for Lands, And Clubs […]

Girl Carving Apple Vintage Halloween Postcard

This vintage Halloween postcard is another of Ellen Clapsaddle’s adorable cards. Here we see a little girl in beautiful costume with flowered vest, carving an apple and tossing the shards over her shoulder. Behind the little girl is a cute pumpkin with words, “Halloween Greetings” Ellen Clapsaddle has signed her name going upwards on the […]

Cat in Pumpkin Cute Vintage Halloween Postcard

This very cute and adorable Ellen Clapsaddle vintage Halloween postcard shows a cat sitting in a carved pumpkin head. The cat looks as if it just got caught and is trying to look perfectly innocent, as cats will do. But, this little mischievous Halloween cat not only has the resigned expression of one who has […]

Little Girl with Flowers Ellen Clapsaddle Valentine’s Day Postcard

This vintage Valetine’s Day postcard shows a little girl with a bouquet of spring flowers under the words “To My Valentine.” An unsigned Ellen Clapsaddle postcard, the card also contains the poem: Be assured, ’tis you or none That I Love, and Love alone. [zstore productlineid=”196482303664568804″]

Girl in Easter Bonnet Vintage Postcard

This vintage Easter postcard is a signed Ellen Clapsaddle postcard. In the tradition of her design, this Easter postcard has a lovely little girl with a very large Victorian Easter Bonnet trimmed in flowers holding an Easter Basket full of flowers. The Clapsaddle postcards were very popular at the turn of the 20th Century and […]

Irish Pipe Vintage Postcard

This vintage postcard shows an Irish Pipe on Kelly green background with shamrocks. The postcard says: “Erin Go Bragh” Which means “Ireland Forever!” This is an Ellen Clapsaddle postcard in which she has captured the pride and joy of every Irishman and his pipe on St. Patrick’s Day! For all you golfers out there – […]

Ellen Clapsaddle – The Wearing of the Green Vintage Postcard

This is a vintage signed Ellen Clapsaddle St. Patrick’s Day postcard showing a lovely Irish Lass with a Victorian dress and large, green Victorian hat over auburn hair. The postcard wishes a St. Patrick’s Day Greeting by mentioning “The Wearing of the Green” and is really a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day postcard that would have […]

Ellen Clapsaddle Cute Vintage Farm Boy Valentine Postcard

The original Valentine’s Day postcard, with Ellen Clapsaddle illustration, shows a little farm boy in overalls, boots, and a straw hat cutting a bunch of wild flowers for his sweetheart with his faithful pupy sitting at his feet. The message is “My Valentine Think of Me.” The card also contains a poem: “It may be […]

Patriotic Memorial Day Postcard

This beautiful Memorial Day vintage postcard is an Ellen Clapsaddle signed postcard expressing the feeling that prevailed in the early 1900s for veterans. Most families had someone who had fought in either the Civil War, the Spanish American War, or World War I. The emblem is the Sons of Veterans medal shown on a red, […]