Getting the Christmas Tree Vintage Christmas Postcard

This very bright and colorful vintage Christmas postcard reminds me of my youth. The happy, cheerful children carrying the Christmas tree back to their home, after having cut it down in the forest, brings up one of my favorite memories about Christmas time. My grandfather owned a small farm in Pennsylvania on which he had […]

Ice at Niagara Falls Vintage Postcard

This vintage postcard is dated September 1, 1906 and shows the ice mounds that form at the base of Niagara Falls. We see a crowd watching as people climb the ice to the top and then slide down. This looks to be a fun winter sport for visitors to the Falls. The tourist shop to […]

Vintage Christmas Town Decorations Postcard

This vintage Christmas postcard is a black and white sketch of a Victorian village with the only color being that of the street lamp and Christmas decorations. The sketch is well done with many details not only of the charming Victorian homes, but of the surrounding landscape with snow and Christmas decorations. The artist is […]

Old Fashioned Christmas Shopping Vintage Postcard

This beautiful old fashioned Christmas card shows a young, Victorian couple heading home from a day of Christmas shopping. Walking through the snow with packages and Christmas wreath in their arms, their little dog proceeds them to create a charming holiday image of days gone by. This vintage Christmas card is full of bright, vibrant […]

Snowy Church at Night Christmas Postcard

This vintage Christmas postcard shows a snow covered Church at night time. Lights stream out from within the Church and the snow covered tree seems lit by hundreds of white Christmas lights under the snow. We have added a golden, glistening look to the tree limbs to give this Christmas scene a magical, snowy Christmas […]

Santa’s Sleigh Ride Postcard

This vintage Christmas postcard shows Santa Claus in his sleigh on a blustery Christmas Eve. With heavy snow coming down, Santa is smiling with jingle bells a ringing, forging ahead to deliver those presents before Christmas morn. This is a cheerful Christmas postcard and a great reminder that nothing stops Santa!

Victorian Christmas Party by Moonlight Postcard

Enjoy this snowy moonlight scene as guests arrive by horse and sleigh for a Christmas Party at the brightly lit Victorian Mansion.

Merry Christmas Children

This vintage Christmas postcard shows a little boy and girl dressed very nicely in velvet Victorian clothes, stopping to visit friends on a snowy day. In the background is a snowman complete with bucket for a hat and broomstick in his arms. The little boy carries a knapsack on his shoulder and is already rolling […]

Christmas Wish Vintage Postcard

This adorable Christmas postcard was created in Germany, which accounts for the English translation “I Wish You Was With Us for Christmas.” Two young children are playing in the snow on this Christmas postcard as we see snowballs piled up and ready to throw. The little girl is patiently watching her brother who has obviously […]

Christmas Window Lights Postcard

This was originally a black and white drawing from the early 1900s that we have colored and reproduced on Christmas cards and gifts. It is a beautiful, nostalgic Christmas Eve scene looking out a full-length window at the snowy countryside without, while candle light glows and the Christmas Tree lights the room within.