Vintage Postcard of a Parade in Virginia City, Nevada

Virginia City Parade Vintage Postcard

This great black and white vintage postcard shows a parade down the main street of Virginia City, Nevada circa 1902 – 1907. It is a wonderful glimpse into life in those days in a Western town like Virginia City. At the heart of the gold and silver mining strikes around Virginia City, the town shows up for American patriotism with the Nevada Company B – Emmitt Guard marching in the parade. We also see women in Victorian dress with parasols to shade them from the blinding sun of Nevada.

Mark Twain, the famous American author, was an editor for the Virginia City Territorial Enterprise newspaper in the 1860’s and would have been in a crowd just like this on parade day in Virginia City.

This was a great time in Nevada history, as the silver and gold mines were still being worked. While the East was being revolutionized by modern machinery and mills, Virginia City was still very much the Wild West of folklore.

Today, the town of Virginia City is preserved as a historic Wild West Town and still looks much like it did in this old postcard. It is a great site to see when visiting Nevada.