Emerald Bay Vintage Lake Tahoe Postcard

This vintage postcard shows Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe in vivid, beautiful colors.

Emerald Bay is a state park on the southwest side of Lake Tahoe in California, located twenty-two miles south of Tahoe City.  It contains the only island in Lake Tahoe, Fannette Island, located in the bay.

In 1969, Emerald Bay was designated a National Natural Landmark due to the granite formations and geological information contained in the surrounding mountains.  Along with the rest of the Tahoe area, it is a majestic mix of towering pines, craggy mountains, and pristine aqua-marine water.

The park features Vikingsholm, a 38-room mansion of Scandinavian style.  Emerald Bay park also features  the “Tea House” on Fannette Island; both great attractions when visiting the lake.

Vikingsholm can be reached by parking in the Harvey West parking lot by Highway 89 at Emerald Bay. To reach it, take the trail, which is one mile in length and drops 500 feet in elevation to the house.