Victorian Winter Roses Postcard

This vintage postcard (circa 1900) is embossed with Victorian Roses showing red, pink, and yellow roses around a wintry homestead. See Mother’s Day Cards and Gifts created from this vintage postcard. [zstore productlineid=”196770587833181303″] All Occasion Cards and Gifts

Easter Chicks and Roses Vintage Postcard

This vintage Easter postcard shows little baby chicks popping out of the top of their egg surrounded by roses and violet flowers. It is a very beautiful and colorful Easter postcard. This Easter postcard has old-fashioned writing in a script text that says: “Fair Easter Morn” The two adorable chicks in this vintage Easter postcard, […]

Easter Roses Vintage Postcard

This beautiful vintage postcard of Easter Roses from the early 1900s would be sent as an Easter card with the printed greeting “An Easter Remembrance” in that era. The Dogwood blossom is known to be flower of Christ because there are four petals in the shape of a cross, each with a drop of red […]

Vintage Valentine Postcard of Roses

This vintage postcard has a divided back and was mailed in Pennsylvania in 1910. It was printed by International Art Publ. Co. in Berlin, Germany. It is a beautiful Valentine postcard with roses on an embossed foil background and reads: Rose, Emblem of Fond Love. [zstore productlineid=”196070063347975257″]

Vintage Roses Valentine’s Day Postcard

This early 1900s vintage Valentine Postcard simply reads, A Valentine Message. The main image is a bunch of red roses and a locket with a picture of Cupid. The top and bottom borders of the postcard are lined with white daisies and clovers are embossed into a background pattern. [zstore productlineid=”196729077262186852″]

Vintage Yellow Roses Postcard

This vintage postcard (circa 1910) is embossed with a sprig of yellow roses on a dark blue watercolor background. Even though it reads, Best Wishes To My Valentine, this card may have been sent as friendly holiday greeting, because yellow flowers are meant to symbolize friendship. We have reprinted this beautiful Victorian roses postcard on […]

Vintage Valentine’s Day Postcard with Love Poem

This 1900s romantic postcard for Valentine’s Day features a beautiful, young woman holding a bunch of pink flowers and a love poem surrounded by a border of blue hearts and forget-me-nots. The love poem to his darling reads: Oh! Would I were the flower that sips The honied kisses from your lips. My Darling Valentine […]