Sons of Veterans Vintage Postcard

This vintage patriotic postcard shows the Sons of Veterans Emblem and the American Eagle surrounded by the American Flag from Civil War days with red, white, and blue emblazoned on it with roses in bright, vivid colors. The years 1861 and 1865 for the Civil War. This card is a wonderful statement of pride in […]

The Flag of Our Country Forever Patriotic Vintage Postcard

Beautiful vintage patriotic postcard with the United States flag behind the Sons of Veterans emblem, surrounded by a wreath of laurel and the words, “The flag of our country forever!” It is beautiful statement of pride in America.

Patriotic Soldiers of One American Nation Postcard

This vintage postcard from the early 1900’s is a tribute to the American soldier. With beautiful colors it shows each solder in uniform from the Revolutionary War to the First World War including a cavalry rider. The postcard has a poem: “On flag, one Land, On Heart, one Hand, One Nation Evermore!” At the turn […]

Patriotic Memorial Day Postcard

This beautiful Memorial Day vintage postcard is an Ellen Clapsaddle signed postcard expressing the feeling that prevailed in the early 1900s for veterans. Most families had someone who had fought in either the Civil War, the Spanish American War, or World War I. The emblem is the Sons of Veterans medal shown on a red, […]

The Star Spangled Banner American Flag Postcard

This vintage American Flag postcard from the early 1900s is studded with stars and a banner proclaiming “The Star Spangled Banner in Triumph Shall Wave.” Notice that it only has 46 stars representing the 46 States of the Union at the time of the printing of this postcard; New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, and Hawaii were […]