1900s Patriotic Bathing Beauties Vintage Postcard

At the beach on a beautiful Fourth of July summer day in the early 1900s, these two 1900s patriotic bathing beauties are out on a rock in the ocean, waving the American flag to the regatta sailing behind. This type of card from the early 1900s is not only fun today, but shows that there […]

Leave My Beau Behind Vintage Postcard

This very cute and funny postcard from World War II days shows a girl at the beach in patriotic bathing clothes with a big bow on the back of her bathing suit and the words, “Sorry, I Had to Leave My Beau Behind!”

Funny Cupid with Arrow Valentine’s Day Vintage Postcard

Here we see a mischievous little cupid aiming his arrow at a heart on this vintage Valentine’s Day postcard.  The heart contains the words, “To My Valentine” while the postcard also says, “When you see my ammunition You’ll surrender your position” I wonder if it worked?

Funny Arizona Desert Vintage Postcard

This very funny postcard from the 1930’s not only shows the beautiful mauves, purples, and orange colors of the desert, but also shows a tolerant donkey expressing his opinion of life in the desert carrying the mining supplies of his owner. The original card says: Q. Don’t your remember the desert, old pal The desert […]