Arizona vintage postcard of the Painted Desert

Painted Desert Arizona Vintage Postcard

The original postcard is dated 1949 and says:

“Painted Desert. Here Nature wielded a reckless brush, painting the sands of the mountain sides to glorious hues. On Highway 66 (the historic Rte. 66), near Holbrook, Arizona.”

The Painted Desert takes its name from the colors of grays, reds, oranges, yellows and pink visible for miles across the landscape. The erosion of stratified layers of mineral and decayed organic matter by natural wind and rain patterns have resulted in the formation of many valleys and ridges, displaying the various colors. It is a vast area of what are know as, badland, hills and buttes though a beautiful landscape showing a rainbow of colors.

The area is most beautiful at sunset and sunrise, as shown in this postcard, when the land appears to glow in hues of violet, blue, red and gold. Please be sure to click through to the products and see the restored image available on cards and gifts.