Chetek River Vintage Wisconsin Postcard

This vintage Wisconsin postcard shows the Chetek River which runs due south, south west from Chetek Lake which is part of the six lakes in the area of Chetek, Wisconsin. It is a beautiful view of the river, the river road with old-fashioned cars driving by, the trees, flowers, mountains and brilliant sunset.

The Chetek Chain of Lakes and the greater Chetek area are known for tourism and the abundance of vacation opportunities available. With the Chetek Chain of Six Lakes – Chetek Lake, Prairie Lake, Pokegama Lake, Ojaski Lake, Ten Mile Lake and Moose Ear Lake there is fishing, camping, hiking, boating, water-skiing, swimming at lake beaches and other activities for those vacationing in the area.

Local Indian tribes, the Ojibway Indians, called the Chetek area their name for Pelican, or Swan. By the mid 1800s some of the early spellings were Sheetak, Shetak, Shetuc, Chetack, and Shedack. “Chetek” became the preferred spelling when the first post office was established in 1872.

The Chetek Chain of Six Lakes is a haven for fishermen with the fish population in these lakes including Northern Pike, Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Pumpkinseeds, Perch, Bullheads, Rock Bass and others.

Lake Chetek has a total of 683 surface acres and a depth of twenty-two feet. It is surrounded by permanent residences, summer homes, resorts, and the City of Chetek. The City of Chetek offers a public swimming beach during the summer months and a large public boat landing.

Lake Chetek is also the site of the Hydroflites Water Ski Show Team’s exhibitions. he team is made up of 85 skiing and nonskiing members and have been performing for over twenty years on Lake Chetek.