Currier & Ives Lithograph – The Night Express: The Start

This lithograph called, “The Night Express: The Start” originally by the famous firm of Currier & Ives, shows railroad drama at its height. With the Night Express train just leaving the station, we see fire and smoke bursting from the stack, steam emerging from the engine, and the brilliant light on the front of the […]

The Seneca in Rochester NY Vintage Postcard of a Hotel

This vintage postcard shows the Hotel Seneca in Rochester, New York circa 1910 – 1920. The following is a news article in the New York Times about the opening of the hotel: ROCHESTER’S NEW HOTEL.; The Seneca, a Beautiful and Modern Hostelry, Opens To-day. Special to The New York Times. September 14, 1908, Monday Page […]

State Capitol in Albany, NY at Night Time Vintage Postcard

This vintage postcard, which is rather spooky looking, actually is a view of the New York State Capitol at night time in 1900. This building still stands today and is the capitol building of the State of New York in Albany, NY. The construction of the building, which began in 1867 was finally completed in […]

Getting the Christmas Tree Vintage Christmas Postcard

This very bright and colorful vintage Christmas postcard reminds me of my youth. The happy, cheerful children carrying the Christmas tree back to their home, after having cut it down in the forest, brings up one of my favorite memories about Christmas time. My grandfather owned a small farm in Pennsylvania on which he had […]

Vintage Christmas Nativity Scene Postcard

This vintage Christmas postcard from 1910 shows the nativity scene at the time that the Three Wise Men arrive. The Blessed Mother Mary is tucking the covers around Baby Jesus while cattle watch from the manger, as if to put Him to sleep. Outside of the window to the manger, we can see that it […]

Horsehoe Falls Vintage Niagara Falls Postcard

This 1910 vintage postcard view of the Horseshoe Falls from Goat Island at Niagara Falls is quite beautiful. The postcard has been printed from a painting of the falls with lovely colors in the spray and background. The Horseshoe Falls, so named for their shape being that of a horseshoe, are the largest of the […]

Niagara Falls Illuminated at Night Vintage Postcard

Here you see Prospect Point on Niagara Falls under illumination by floodlight in 1939. This was a new feature at the falls as the postcard relates on the back. When the new floodlights are marching across the Falls, and resting on either or both of the American and Canadian faces of them or playing in […]

Niagara River Gorge Vintage Postcard

This is a great, colorful view of the Niagara River Gorge as it looked in 1908. This gorge has been created by the fall of the water from Niagara Falls into the Niagara River. The falls drop into a somewhat large area that is like a small bay. Then, the river narrows as it races […]

Summer at Niagara Falls Vintage Postcard

This vintage Niagara Falls postcard shows three paintings of the Falls area one in a rectangular golden square, one in a golden circle, and the third in a golden triangle. It is a pretty postcard and old, pre-1907, with undivided back. The words sent to loved one or friend must be written on the front, […]

Niagara Falls and Coke Ovens Vintage Postcard

One wonders why a postcard like this was printed? What do Niagara Falls and Coke Ovens in Pennsylvania have to do with each other? Interestingly, in the early 1900s, this type of postcard was not unusual. Postcards were often advertisements to promote America in different ways. This vintage postcard is actually a promotion of not […]