Victorian Santa Claus and Boy Vintage Postcard

This old postcard shows a vintage Santa Claus from Victorian days with a small boy in front of the Christmas tree. Santa’s bag is packed with toys, so it must be Christmas Eve! The colors in this old postcard are very bright, with reds, blues, gold, and silver making it a beautiful card. But, study […]

Girl Carving Apple Vintage Halloween Postcard

This vintage Halloween postcard is another of Ellen Clapsaddle’s adorable cards. Here we see a little girl in beautiful costume with flowered vest, carving an apple and tossing the shards over her shoulder. Behind the little girl is a cute pumpkin with words, “Halloween Greetings” Ellen Clapsaddle has signed her name going upwards on the […]

Merry Christmas Children

This vintage Christmas postcard shows a little boy and girl dressed very nicely in velvet Victorian clothes, stopping to visit friends on a snowy day. In the background is a snowman complete with bucket for a hat and broomstick in his arms. The little boy carries a knapsack on his shoulder and is already rolling […]

Christmas Wish Vintage Postcard

This adorable Christmas postcard was created in Germany, which accounts for the English translation “I Wish You Was With Us for Christmas.” Two young children are playing in the snow on this Christmas postcard as we see snowballs piled up and ready to throw. The little girl is patiently watching her brother who has obviously […]

Christmas Caroling Kids Vintage Postcard

The original postcard is from the 1800s, showing three charming children singing Christmas Carols as if in a Christmas show at school. Remember those days?

Little Girl with Flowers Ellen Clapsaddle Valentine’s Day Postcard

This vintage Valetine’s Day postcard shows a little girl with a bouquet of spring flowers under the words “To My Valentine.” An unsigned Ellen Clapsaddle postcard, the card also contains the poem: Be assured, ’tis you or none That I Love, and Love alone.

Victorian Children’s Parade Vintage Postcard

This German, Victorian vintage postcard from 1908 shows a faithful dog pulling a cart laden with children and spring flowers as if in a parade. It is very bright, colorful, and beautiful 100 years later! This type of card was very popular in America during the early 1900s. This Victorian scene just looks like an […]

Ellen Clapsaddle Cute Vintage Farm Boy Valentine Postcard

The original Valentine’s Day postcard, with Ellen Clapsaddle illustration, shows a little farm boy in overalls, boots, and a straw hat cutting a bunch of wild flowers for his sweetheart with his faithful pupy sitting at his feet. The message is “My Valentine Think of Me.” The card also contains a poem: “It may be […]

Cute Valentine’s Day Postcard with Victorian Children

The original Valentine’s Day postcard, circa 1910, has a divided back, was printed in Germany and contains a vintage Victorian message, “My Heart is small, but it is true, and I will offer it to you.”