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Our goal at Vintage American is to share with you our love of American history and art. We are focused on the popular art of the late 1800s through early 1900s in America. Postcards, advertising cards, magazines, and some books were the items that the average American could see and buy. This age was the start of mass printed items. However, many prints were still individually hand colored by artists giving each card its own, unique look. Popular artists and printers were Currier and Ives, Ellen Clappsaddle and others.


Pumpkins at Cards Vintage Halloween Postcard

These Halloween pumpkins are getting their courage up for the haunted Halloween night ahead by playing a hand of cards. Another signed Ellen Clapsaddle Halloween card, she not only shows the pumpkins intent at their card game, but explains their game in this poem: Hearts for Love, Diamonds for Riches. Spades for Lands, And Clubs […]

Retro Witch Flying Postcard

This old Halloween postcard shows the silhouette of a retro witch and black cat flying an old propeller airplane across a red moon in an orange sky. The little cat is very dapper with a bow tie as he gazes down at the ground while the witch is hurling them through the air in what […]

Girl Carving Apple Vintage Halloween Postcard

This vintage Halloween postcard is another of Ellen Clapsaddle’s adorable cards. Here we see a little girl in beautiful costume with flowered vest, carving an apple and tossing the shards over her shoulder. Behind the little girl is a cute pumpkin with words, “Halloween Greetings” Ellen Clapsaddle has signed her name going upwards on the […]

Cat and Owl in Moonlight Vintage Halloween Postcard

This vintage Halloween postcard shows a black cat sitting primly with an owl on a tree branch with a full moon behind them. Both cat and owl are wide-eyed, with the cat jauntily wearing a black witches hat. The antique postcard says, Halloween Greetings Just about now the ghosts are due Beware – I see […]


Patriotic Turkey Vintage Postcard

Vintage Thanksgiving postcard of a patriotic turkey in red, white, and blue colors. The postcard is edged with American flags, fruit, and flowers. During World War I, people would send holiday postcards with patriotic symbols on them. This Thanksgiving postcard is a typical example of such a card. Our Patriotic Turkey looks very proud, so […]

Vintage Postcard of a Pilgrim Girl with Victorian Style

Pilgrim Girl with Victorian Style Postcard

This vintage Thanksgiving postcard shows a Pilgrim girl holding a golden cornucopia full of fruits and flowers to convey the abundance of food that is generally shared on Thanksgiving Day. Normally the Pilgrim women are portrayed in solemn colors, but this young girl is arrayed in Victorian fashion with gold trim on her sleeves and […]

The Boy and the Turkey Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard

This vintage Thanksgiving postcard seems a bit harsh to us today, but in the early 1900s it would have represented a very normal aspect of American farm life. It would have been a farm boy’s hope at Thanksgiving that he would be given the opportunity to hunt for the most important feature of the annual […]

Thanksgiving Turkey Wishbone Vintage Postcard

This vintage Thanksgiving wishbone postcard shows a Turkey with golden wishbone and a bright blue ribbon. Surrounded by autumn colors it is a great reminder of the fun of pulling the wishbone on Thanksgiving Day. The pulling of the wishbone is an American Thanksgiving Day tradition. It is a tug-of-war between two people with the […]