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Our goal at Vintage American is to share with you our love of American history and art. We are focused on the popular art of the late 1800s through early 1900s in America. Postcards, advertising cards, magazines, and some books were the items that the average American could see and buy. This age was the start of mass printed items. However, many prints were still individually hand colored by artists giving each card its own, unique look. Popular artists and printers were Currier and Ives, Ellen Clappsaddle and others.

Angels Decorating Christmas Tree

Angels Decorating the Christmas Tree

Vintage Christmas card from 1909 of two little Angels Decorating the Christmas Tree. With their wings flapping, they are busy painting ornaments on the tree. This card can be found on products at our store: [zstore productlineid=”196936008859662936″]

Santa Claus and the Narrow Chimney

This early 1900’s Christmas postcard shows a resilient Santa Claus determined to make it down a narrow chimney with all the gifts for Christmas Eve. A few balloons will help! [zstore productlineid=”196146242014153349″]

Victorian Christmas Children Vintage Postcard

Merry Christmas Children

This vintage Christmas postcard shows a little boy and girl dressed very nicely in velvet Victorian clothes, stopping to visit friends on a snowy day. In the background is a snowman complete with bucket for a hat and broomstick in his arms. The little boy carries a knapsack on his shoulder and is already rolling […]

Christmas Train with Flags

Everyone loves trains at Christmas time. In this vintage train postcard we see passengers dressed in Victorian clothing headed somewhere – to visit family and friends. It strikes the imagination with wonder – Where are they going? Whom will they visit? Will it snow? Will there be a grand Christmas tree and a party? Children […]

Retro Postcard of a 50s Girl with Christmas Wreath

50s Girl Christmas Postcard

Very retro, this bright red Christmas postcard shows a 1950s girl holding a Christmas wreath behind her back. With feet apart and facing away, she seems to be contemplating something “Christmassy”. The postcard is studded with stars around our 50s girl, making it a great holiday image. This seems to be the most popular Christmas […]

Victorian Santa Claus and Boy Vintage Postcard

Victorian Santa Claus and Boy Vintage Postcard

This old postcard shows a vintage Santa Claus from Victorian days with a small boy in front of the Christmas tree. Santa’s bag is packed with toys, so it must be Christmas Eve! The colors in this old postcard are very bright, with reds, blues, gold, and silver making it a beautiful card. But, study […]

Vintage Currier and Ives Lithograph - A Spill Out on the Snow

Currier and Ives Lithograph – A Spill Out on the Snow

This very funny Currier and Ives lithograph called A Spill Out on the Snow shows that even in the 1800s, there were traffic jams. These lively sleighing country neighbors are taking the turn just a little too quickly, causing the “spill out” on the snow. This lithograph, A Spill Out on the Snow is also […]

Vintage Currier & Ives Reprint of The Farmer's Home Harvest

Currier and Ives Lithograph – The Farmer’s Home Harvest

This Currier and Ives lithograph called The Farmer’s Home Harvest shows the farmer’s harvest on a beautiful autumn day with men gathering hay in the field and loading it onto an ox drawn cart. In the background one can see the farmer’s home and some family members, a river and mountains with a horse and […]

Currier & Ives Reprint of Winter in the Country, Getting Ice

Currier and Ives Lithograph – Winter in the Country, Getting Ice

This Currier and Ives lithograph, called Winter in the Country, Getting Ice, is one of the American Country Scenes showing the American farm life throughout the seasons. It shows men cutting ice on a frozen lake while the horse and sleigh wait patiently to haul the ice home. During the 1880s, a typical farm as […]