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Our goal at Vintage American is to share with you our love of American history and art. We are focused on the popular art of the late 1800s through early 1900s in America. Postcards, advertising cards, magazines, and some books were the items that the average American could see and buy. This age was the start of mass printed items. However, many prints were still individually hand colored by artists giving each card its own, unique look. Popular artists and printers were Currier and Ives, Ellen Clappsaddle and others.

Girl Carving Apple Vintage Halloween Postcard

This vintage Halloween postcard is another of Ellen Clapsaddle’s adorable cards. Here we see a little girl in beautiful costume with flowered vest, carving an apple and tossing the shards over her shoulder. Behind the little girl is a cute pumpkin with words, “Halloween Greetings” Ellen Clapsaddle has signed her name going upwards on the […]

State Capitol in Albany, NY at Night Time Vintage Postcard

This vintage postcard, which is rather spooky looking, actually is a view of the New York State Capitol at night time in 1900. This building still stands today and is the capitol building of the State of New York in Albany, NY. The construction of the building, which began in 1867 was finally completed in […]

Cat and Owl in Moonlight Vintage Halloween Postcard

This vintage Halloween postcard shows a black cat sitting primly with an owl on a tree branch with a full moon behind them. Both cat and owl are wide-eyed, with the cat jauntily wearing a black witches hat. The antique postcard says, Halloween Greetings Just about now the ghosts are due Beware – I see […]

Vintage Halloween Postcard of the Cat Warning the Owl

Cat Warning the Owl Vintage Halloween Postcard

This vintage Halloween postcard shows a somewhat fraught cat screeching a warning to the wide-eyed owl in the tree: Beware! Take care! For Ghosts are seen on Halloween. Of course the cat adds the comment of wishing a “Happy Halloween.” The poor, confused owl is simply speechless, as most owls are in the presence of […]

Very Funny vintage Arizona Desert Postcard

Funny Arizona Desert Vintage Postcard

This very funny postcard from the 1930’s not only shows the beautiful mauves, purples, and orange colors of the desert, but also shows a tolerant donkey expressing his opinion of life in the desert carrying the mining supplies of his owner. The original card says: Q. Don’t your remember the desert, old pal The desert […]

Vintage Arizona Postcard of the Petrified Forest

Petrified Forest Arizona Vintage Postcard

This postcard, circa 1940, shows the Petrified Forest in Arizona, where are found vast deposits of petrified wood from the size of a marble to trees, more than two hundred feet in length. The forest comprises many thousands of acres all accessible from Holbrook, Arizona. Holbrook is located on the main line of the Santa […]

Vintage Grand Canyon Postcard

Grand Canyon Vintage Postcard

This postcard shows a view of the sunset over the Grand Canyon. It is taken from the west rim of the drive near Mancopa Point, looking eastward over the Canyon just at the close of day, as recorded by this new color Kodachrome camera! (written in 1946) The glory of sunset at the Grand Canyon […]

The Mackay House in Virginia City Postcard

The MacKay House Virginia City Postcard

Shown here is The MacKay House or MacKay Mansion in Virginia City, Nevada. The date of the postcard is unknown but seems newer than most on this site, so we have not reprinted it. The MacKay House in Virginia City was built and occupied by George Hearst in 1859 and originally used as the office […]