The Alamo Vintage Texas Postcard

What today is known as “The Alamo” in Texas became famous for the battle waged there during the Texas Revolution against Mexico.  The Alamo was a mission called, Mission San Antonio de Valero and was home to the priests and Indian converts for seventy years before the battle took place. The mission was built in […]

Sons of Veterans Vintage Postcard

This vintage patriotic postcard shows the Sons of Veterans Emblem and the American Eagle surrounded by the American Flag from Civil War days with red, white, and blue emblazoned on it with roses in bright, vivid colors. The years 1861 and 1865 for the Civil War. This card is a wonderful statement of pride in […]

Patriotic Vintage Christmas Postcard

This vintage postcard is from World War I days when the folks at home would send a card like this overseas to their loved ones, reminding them of what their sacrifice means: home, peace, liberty, faith. This is an example of the patriotic postcards that were created for all holidays during WWI. This Christmas postcard […]

Patriotic Turkey Vintage Postcard

Vintage Thanksgiving postcard of a patriotic turkey in red, white, and blue colors. The postcard is edged with American flags, fruit, and flowers. During World War I, people would send holiday postcards with patriotic symbols on them. This Thanksgiving postcard is a typical example of such a card. Our Patriotic Turkey looks very proud, so […]

1900s Patriotic Bathing Beauties Vintage Postcard

At the beach on a beautiful Fourth of July summer day in the early 1900s, these two 1900s patriotic bathing beauties are out on a rock in the ocean, waving the American flag to the regatta sailing behind. This type of card from the early 1900s is not only fun today, but shows that there […]

The First Fourth of July Vintage Postcard

This patriotic vintage postcard shows George Washington with the founding fathers hailing the flag of the newly created United States of America. With vibrant colors and printed with the American flag in the background, it is a beautiful and colorful patriotic postcard.

The Flag of Our Country Forever Patriotic Vintage Postcard

Beautiful vintage patriotic postcard with the United States flag behind the Sons of Veterans emblem, surrounded by a wreath of laurel and the words, “The flag of our country forever!” It is beautiful statement of pride in America.

Leave My Beau Behind Vintage Postcard

This very cute and funny postcard from World War II days shows a girl at the beach in patriotic bathing clothes with a big bow on the back of her bathing suit and the words, “Sorry, I Had to Leave My Beau Behind!”

Patriotic Soldiers of One American Nation Postcard

This vintage postcard from the early 1900’s is a tribute to the American soldier. With beautiful colors it shows each solder in uniform from the Revolutionary War to the First World War including a cavalry rider. The postcard has a poem: “On flag, one Land, On Heart, one Hand, One Nation Evermore!” At the turn […]

Virginia City Parade Vintage Postcard

This great black and white vintage postcard shows a parade down the main street of Virginia City, Nevada circa 1902 – 1907. It is a wonderful glimpse into life in those days in a Western town like Virginia City. At the heart of the gold and silver mining strikes around Virginia City, the town shows […]